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Lasik Chicago Offers: Must-Know Risks Of Lasik Treatment
Illnesses affecting vision are taking their toll to a lot of people all over the globe. Myopia and astigmatism are just two among them. However, these illnesses cannot lead to blindness granted that they are treated correctly. A surgery such as Lasik is all that is needed by people with risks in their vision.

Lasik Chicago is offering is one of the best treatments that people can go for. It has proven to be of great effectiveness when it comes to different vision conditions. In fact, a lot of patients are happy with the results after undergoing Lasik treatment. However, this procedure is not perfect. Like other kinds of surgical procedures, it has its own drawbacks. Find out the potential risks of Lasik treatment and weigh them in before you consider it as a treatment for your eye condition.

  • The result cannot always be satisfactory. It is possible that the eye can be under-corrected or over-corrected as a result of the treatment. Though there are a lot of cases that bring in great results after just one treatment, there are some cases that can require second surgery. This is to enhance the vision. However, the second surgery can only be done after several months from the first surgery as the eyes need to heal and stabilize first. In some cases when the cornea is thin or has been abnormally shaped due to surgery, a second treatment seems to be impossible.
  • Contact lenses or eye glasses can still be needed after surgery. Lasik treatment cannot guarantee perfect vision. Hence, the need for vision aids can still be necessary after the treatment. Though cases like this are rare, it must still be considered and discussed with the surgeon prior to the treatment.
  • Surgery results may be temporary only. This is a case that rarely happens but can be possible. There are some patients that are suffering from the regression of the effects of the treatment many years after the surgery. This is true especially for people who are suffering from hyperopia. The good news is that once a patient sees regression in the effects, an additional surgery can be done to correct the vision again.
  • Visual aberrations can be experienced after surgery. It is an uncommon scenario among patients that they experience decrease in the quality of their vision after the treatment. Recorded experiences include hazy vision, double vision, increased light sensitivity, fluctuating vision and the like. In some cases, these visual aberrations may not completely go away.
  • Dry eyes can be entertained. After surgery, most people experience dry eye symptoms immediately. The symptoms may get worse into burning or redness of the eyes and decreased vision. Another medication is required to treat dry eyes after Lasik treatment.
  • Loss of vision can be possible. Several instances in the surgery can lead to worse eye conditions such as equipment malfunction, scarring, infection, complications and the like. Most of the time, the effects of these instances can lead to loss of vision, which cannot be corrected by any kind of contact lenses or eye glasses.
  • Lasik Chicago offers can be the best treatment that one can get for his eye condition. However, it is important that everyone is knowledgeable about the risks associated with this kind of treatment. Anyone who wants to undergo this treatment must weigh in its advantages and its risks before finally considering this option. Hence, seek the guidance of a professional when considering Lasik treatment no matter where in the world you are.

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